Why choose Kanthal ladle heater?

Reduce energy consumption by up to 70%!

By using electricity instead of gas for heating ladles, producers in ferrous and non-ferrous industries, depending on the process parameters, can reduce energy consumption by as much as 70%.

But that’s not all. Kanthal® electric ladle heaters are safer and more environmentally friendly than gas heaters. They distribute heat more evenly – which results in better process control and an extended liner lifetime.

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By eliminating overheating every ladle is preserved in good working condition – and that’s also money saved.

To quantify the potential improvements, we offer a simulation service that evaluates performance based on your unique requirements.

Take control

Kanthal® electric ladle heaters use an advanced monitoring and control system that optimizes performance and shortens process times. In addition, the heating elements are arranged in a reflector casing which allows you to accurately direct radiant heat toward the target area.

Let us manage your project from start to finish!

Kanthal® electric ladle heaters can be ordered as a turn-key system, or we can supply them as components including everything from the heating element to the control cabinet and lifting device. Our team will also supervise the on-site installation to help you get started.

On demand, on site services

Our heating experts provide technical support on site for preventive maintenance, repairs, parts replacement, scheduled service and refurbishment. Wherever your operation is located our global service agreements will cover you.