Fibrothal® heating modules

Prefabricated heating modules with metallic heating elements and vacuum-formed ceramic fiber insulation for up to 1350°C (2460°F) element temperature.

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The construction method of Fibrothal® heating modules ensures accurate positioning of the coils and eliminates the distortion or other problems connected to the conventional open coil elements in grooves or on tubes. Fibrothal heating modules also provide major energy savings in several applications.

Advantages compared to conventional furnaces

  • Fast and easy to install and replace
  • Increased insulation
  • Less maintenance
  • Very flexible
  • High power concentration
  • Huge constructions possible


Fibrothal® heating modules are available in a variety of geometries and standard sizes. Tailor-made geometries can be supplied to optimize the design and function of the particular application.

  • Muffles
  • Cylinders
  • Half cylinders
  • Radiating panels

Typical application areas

  • Hardening of steel
  • Heat treatment of steel
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Laboratory furnaces

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