Superthal® heating modules

Prefabricated heating modules consisting of vacuum-formed ceramic fibre with an integral Kanthal® Super molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating element for up to 1750°C (3180°F) element temperature.

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Superthal® heating modules are intended for use in laboratory or production furnaces/heaters wherever concentrated heat is needed. They also provide major energy savings in several applications. The flexibility of the heating modules allows for different tests and processes to take place in the same furnace set-up.

Advantages compared to conventional furnaces

  • Fast and easy to install and replace
  • Quick temperature ramping
  • Accurate temperature profiles
  • Very high power concentration
  • Long service life


Superthal® heating modules are available in a variety of geometries and standard sizes. Tailor-made modules can be supplied to optimize the design and function of the particular application.

  • Muffles
  • Cylinders
  • Half cylinders
  • Radiating panels
  • High-power reflectors

Typical application areas

  • Laboratory furnaces
  • Dental furnaces
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing

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