Maxthal® 211 ceramic engineering material

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Maxthal® 211 (Ti2AlC) ceramic engineering material is an alumina-forming MAX-phase, which makes it highly suitable for use in air and oxidizing atmospheres up to 1450°C (2640°F). With a thermal expansion coefficient that matches the Al2O3, Maxthal® 211 forms a strain-free and thick protective oxide that does not spall off even under rapid cycling.

Application examples

Heating elements

Heating element of Maxthal® 211 cycled for 10000 times to 1350°C (2460°C). The protective α- Al2O scale that forms is dense and well adherent.

Gas burner nozzles

Due to its excellent high-temperature properties, Maxthal® 211 ceramic engineering material can also be used in gas burning applications where traditional metallic alloys shows too limited service life.

For example, Maxthal® 211 is very suitable in burner applications with presence of sulphur that heavily corrodes any metals. Maxthal® 211 can also replace metallic alloys to increase the burner process temperature up to 1400°C (2550°F).

In contrast to traditional ceramics, joining problems to existing equipment are easily overcome since Maxthal can be threaded and directly replace the metallic nozzle.