Resistance heating wire and strip

Resistance heating wire and resistance heating strip in iron-chromium-aluminium (FeCrAl) alloys and nickel-chromium (NiCr) alloys for the manufacturing of electric heating elements.

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Using Kanthal FeCrAl alloys instead of NiCr alloys result in both weight-saving and longer element life. Compare Kanthal® FeCrAl alloys with NiCr alloys

Kanthal® and Alkrothal® FeCrAl resistance heating alloys

Resistance heating alloys based on iron-chromium-aluminium for maximum element temperature of 1425°C (2600 °F). Kanthal® and Alkrothal® resistance heating alloys are characterized by high resistivity and capability to withstand high surface load.

Nikrothal® NiCr resistance heating alloys

Nickel-chromium-based resistance heating alloys suitable for element temperatures up to 1250°C (2282°F). Nikrothal® resistance heating alloys are characterized by very good mechanical properties in the hot state as well as good oxidation and corrosion properties.

Product forms and size ranges

Kanthal® resistance heating alloys are available in the following product forms and sizes:

  • Round wire: 0.10-12 mm (0.00394-0.472 inch)
  • Ribbon (flat wire): thickness: 0.023-0.8 mm (0.0009-0.031 inch)
    Width: 0.038-4 mm (0.0015-0.157 inch)
    Width/thickness ratio max 40, depending on alloy and tolerance
  • Strip: thickness 0.10-5 mm (0.00394-0.1968 inch), width 5-200 mm (0.1968-7.874 inch)
    Other sizes are available on request.

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The superior alloy for high temperatures

Kanthal APM FeCrAl alloy opens up new applications where metallic elements are not used today.
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