Globar® float glass heating elements

Silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements designed to be utilized in float baths for the manufacture of soda-lime flat glass for architectural, automotive and solar-glass applications. Globar® float glass elements have recorded campaign lengths up to 18 years.

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3-phase elements

Globar® 3-phase heating elements are available in special glazed quality, to minimize attack by volatiles present in the tin bath. Special grades are available for the production of display glass (TFT and PDP) as well as borosilicate glasses and other special glass formulations.

Horizontal heaters

The horizontal heaters that can be installed and replaced while the tin bath is operational. The standard Kanthal® design uses a heated length of 1500 mm (59 inch) and delivers a power of up to 25 kW. The heaters can be installed through the side-seal, or more usually through the side of the bath roof, and are commonly used to extend campaign lives, where conventional elements in the side zones have been broken, and insufficient power is available.

Customized heating elements

We can supply special elements, customized to suit non-standard bath designs, or for special float applications.