Additive Manufacturing

Time to rethink designs for heating elements and high-temperature components

Additive manufacturing has been integrated in recent years as part of the production process in the aerospace, automotive and other industries. However, the relatively young manufacturing method has been limited in the heating industry – until now. Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing opens possibilities where the only limitation is in the mind of the designer.

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Offering unique customization: Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing

Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing provides customization service, with full access to the new alloy, Kanthal® AM100. The customization service includes feasibility evaluation, design/design modification advice, prototyping and testing.

Advantages of Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing with Kanthal® AM100:

  • Operating temperatures up to 1300°C (2372°F)
  • Excellent high-temperature corrosion resistance
  • Good high-temperature creep strength and form stability
  • Good electrical resistivity (1.39 Ωmm2/m)
  • Design freedom
  • Rapid prototyping