Customized high-temperature components

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Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing customization service offers high-temperature components as one focus area. Some of the applications in this area are:

  • Burner nozzles: gas mixing and flame geometry can be optimized by adding customized channels and openings. By using Kanthal® AM100, burner nozzles can withstand temperatures up to 1300°C (2372°F) and corrosion
  • Protective shells: with tailor-made geometries you can protect vulnerable areas against heat and corrosion attacks. Typical applications are furnace parts, oxygen probes, thermocouples etc.
  • Fitting and manifolds: tailor-made geometries and positionings, where additional features such as fins and hollow structures can be added, allow reliable operations in high temperatures and corrosive environments. They also enable carrying reactive fluids, such as hydrocarbons, water vapor and oxygen.