Kanthal® AM100 alloy


Invented and introduced to the market by Kanthal® in 1931, the FeCrAl alloy is known for its superb high-temperature corrosion resistance and its popular use for heating elements. The new Kanthal® AM100, optimized for 3D-printing with both excellent high-temperature corrosion resistance and creep strength, is suitable for heating elements and high temperature components.

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Benefits of Kanthal® AM100:

  • Material operating temperatures up to 1300°C (2372°F)
  • Superb high-temperature corrosion resistance against carbon/hydrocarbon and sulfur
  • Excellent high-temperature creep strength
  • High electrical resistivity (1.39 Ωmm2/m)

The application areas of Kanthal® AM100 include the areas where FeCrAl alloys are commonly employed:

  • Commercial heat treatment and high-temperature processes such as heating elements, nozzles, small furnace components and dental furnace component
  • Petrochemical processes such as small fittings and manifolds and small venturis
  • Automotive such as engine preheating and exhaust treatment

Additionally, by combining with 3D-printing, more application areas will be able to benefit from this material. The possibilities are limitless, and we encourage our customers to revisit the ideas that were inconceivable before.