Wire insulations and coatings

The Kanthal® program includes a wide range of insulation coatings, bondable coatings and metallic coatings such as electroplating and anodizing. All coatings are available in various colors.

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Insulation coatings

Our program covers insulation coatings for temperatures up to 240°C (464°F). In addition to standard NEMA or JIS builds, we are capable of applying "Thin" and "Ultra-thin" builds of insulations. These builds are thinner than NEMA Type 1 and still meet the dielectric property and other requirements of NEMA Type 1.
List of insulation coatings

Bondable coatings

Bondable coatings can be applied to bare wire or as a second coat over the top of any of the insulations that are offered. The amount of coating applied can be standard NEMA or JIS build or thinner amounts as required. If a special coating or insulation is required we will work with you to develop a process for its use. We have, for example, developed low out-gassing, high-temperature, self-bondable coatings specifically designed for the hard disk drive industry to reduce contamination and deliver good resonance performance.
List of bondable coatings

Metallic coatings

The Kanthal® program includes several types of metallic coatings such as anodizing, electroplating and electropolishing. As a standard we offer gold-plated wire, nickel-plated wire and silver-plated wire, but also other types of electroplating can be manufactured on request. Additionally, we work with cladding and cladded alloys.