Wire bondable coatings

The Kanthal® program includes a wide range of bondable coatings, all available in various colors.

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List of bondable coatings

Kanthal designation Description Max usage temp*
°C (°F)
Bonding technique
Bond B Thermoplastic Polyvinyl Butyral 100 (210) Methanol, Acetone, or heat activated
Bond E1** Thermoplastic Epoxy 130 (265) Acetone, MEK or heat activated
Bond M-A Thermoplastic Polyamide 155 (390) Methyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, or heat activated
Bond XTS Thermosetting Epoxy 155 (310) MEK or heat activated
Bond XTC Thermoplastic Polyamide 200 (390) Heat activated
Bond MA50** Thermoplastic Polyamide 200 (390) Methyl Alcohol or heat activated

* The maximum usage temperature is based on the temperature at which the adhesive retains 5 to 10% of its room temperature strength.

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