Wire insulation coatings

Wire insulation coatings

The Kanthal® program includes a wide range of insulation coatings, all available in various colors.

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List of insulation coatings

Kanthal designation Insulation type Thermal rating NEMA Specification
Formvar Polyvinyl Acetal 105°C (220°F) MW 15
Poly Polyurethane 155°C (310°F) MW 28, 75, 80 and MW 79 on smaller AWG sizes
Poly/Nylon Polyurethane with a Polyamide top coat 155°C (310°F) MW 28, 80
Poly180B Polyurethane 180°C (355°F) MW 82, 83
TRI-2-SOD Polyester-imide 180°C (355°F) MW 77
TRI-2-SOD/Nylon Polyester-imide with a Polyamide top coat 180°C (355°F) MW 78
PolyClad THEIC modified Polyester 200°C (390°F) MW 5
PolyClad/Nylon THEIC modified Polyester with a Polyamide top coat 200°C (390°F) MW 76
PolyClad/Aminide THEIC modified Polyester with a Polyamide-imide top coat 200°C (390°F) MW 35, 73
Aminide Polyamide-imide (also usable as a top coat) 220°C (430°F) MW 81
PAC-240 Aromatic Polyimide (ML) 220°C (430°F) MW 16, 20, 71
FEP Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene
PTFE Poly- tetrafluoroethylene