Ceramic non-inductive resistors

Ceramic non-inductive resistors for demanding applications involving high voltage, high current, high energy or high power resistors.

Download Selecting A Non-Inductive Bulk Ceramic Resistor (PDF document, 61 kB)

Ceramic resistors are available in flexible geometries and a wide range of sizes, from 1/2 watt to a 1000 watts in a single component. They are suitable for a large variety of end products and types of circuits.

High reliability and several other features

Ceramic non-inductive resistors offer several advantages compared to non-inductive wire wound, film and composition resistors as there is no film or wire to fail. They are also chemically inert and thermally stable.
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Types of bulk ceramic non-inductive resistors

Tubular resistors available in a wide variety of sizes and terminations.

High-energy axial-leaded resistors.

Slab resistors providing high power and energy dissipation in a compact size.

High-energy resistors in disk and washer styles.

Direct and indirect water-cooled non-inductive resistors.

Kanthal® alloys are used in metallic load bank resistors for longer element life and consistent operating performance.

Three types of ceramics

We provide resistors of three basic bulk ceramic materials – all superior to non-inductive wire wound, film and composition resistors.
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