A resistor that can handle extremes

In an ever changing world where materials must perform under multiple types of extreme environments, ceramic resistors ensure that you don’t need to compromise. Need to know more?

Need to know more?

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From soft-start and snubber circuits to dynamic braking and RF dummy loads, the list of applications for non-inductive bulk ceramic resistors continues to grow as more design engineers discover the devices’ inherent advantages. Ceramic resistors are ideal for a wide range of requirements in equipment such as radar, motor drives, broadcast transmitters, RF amplifiers, semiconductor process equipment, high voltage power supplies, switchgear, x-ray, lasers, medical defibrillators, and energy research.

Sophisticated electronic equipment and systems often require rugged resistors that perform reliably under conditions involving a combination of high voltage, current, or energy. Typically, these are advanced-technology power-intense higher-cost systems, where it is critical that the resistors meet stringent requirements. Bulk ceramic resistors represent the best choice for these applications because of their many design advantages.

Summary of resistor comparisons

Non-inductive (Henry, H) 30-56000 2-200 2-200
Peak power Poor Poor Excellent
Overload Medium Poor Excellent
Pulsed energy Medium Poor Excellent
Geometry size Complex packaging Flexible Flexible
Power range 5 W to 1 kW 1 W to 1 kW 1 W to 1 kW