Magney Grande Case Story

Surge protection cabinet in the field

When electrical submersible pump (ESP) operators were seeing routine equipment failure, one company took it upon themselves to drill down to the root cause of the issue.

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Magney Grande Distribution, a family company based in Bayfield, Colorado has been involved in the pumping industry for many generations. With decades of experience Salvatore Grande, VP of Engineering, saw the trends and uncovered the truth about ESP systems.

Electrical spikes can lead to many different failures in subsea pumps due to excess heat, high frequencies, currents and voltages. Left untreated, this Line-to-Ground noise will result in lost production as well as replacement costs for shafts, cables, and worn out components. Although initial operators were attributing failures to poor performance from specific components (cables, pumps, seals, sensors etc.) Grande dove in to understand the electro-mechanics of the system. The first observation was that lightning-type impulses deteriorated the insulation with high frequencies similar to an electrical jack-hammer. While each impulse was below failure threshold, continued stress would accelerate degradation. The second observation was that at certain reflection points, the impulses saw twice the voltage which also accelerated wear. Lastly, the high currents seen in system were causing excessive heating to flow into the conductors, leading to premature failure of several motor parts.

Fortunately, Grande devised a way to divert the energy from going down hole into Kanthal®’s bulk ceramic resistors. The unit, better known as a common-mode Filter, suppresses the electrical stresses which tend to cause failures mentioned above and diverts heat downhole. The robust resistors are designed with a uniform composition to handle the voltage spikes of up to 8,000 V without deforming or degrading.

The SP type material is optimal for high power/high frequency applications as seen in the Oil and Gas industry

You can read more about the benefits of the common-mode filter on the Magney Grande website. They have conducted many field tests, the results indicating that using a common-mode filter will reduce electrical extremes to the system and drastically improve ESP runtime ultimately saving operators from unplanned maintenance. Check out the resistors that made this possible and see how Kanthal® can lead to success in the field.