Three types of ceramics for different applications

The Globar® product range of bulk ceramic non-inductive resistors includes a broad range of standard or custom-designed resistors of three basic bulk ceramic materials - all superior to non-inductive wire wound, film and composition resistors.

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Cost-effective solution

Whether your problem involves high power dissipation, high energy pulse work, circuit protection or other high stress applications, Globar® bulk ceramic resistors is the cost-effective solution to meet your needs. Our full product line consists of three basic bulk ceramic materials.

Type SP ceramics

Type SP ceramics provide great non-inductive power handling capacity - at frequencies into the GHz range. Typical applications are:

  • High power / high frequency resistors
  • Snubber resistors
  • Current limiting resistors
  • Current sensing resistors
  • Parasitic suppression resistors
  • Harmonic filter resistors

Type AS ceramics

Type AS ceramics are able to absorb high energy at high voltage while remaining non-inductive. Typical applications are:

  • Capacitor charge and discharge resistors
  • Capacitor crowbar resistors
  • Impulse voltage generator resistors
  • Pulse-forming network resistors
  • Snubber resistors
  • High voltage power supply resistors
  • Laser power supply resistors

Type A ceramics

Type A ceramics have non-inductive capability, power dissipation and energy absorption at high voltage when high resistance is required. Typical applications are:

  • Capacitor charge and discharge resistors
  • Bleeder resistors
  • High voltage power supplies