Key features for Maxcap® double layer capacitors

Maxcap® double layer capacitors offer a variety of features. For detailed information about product geometries and electrical characteristics, go to the capacitor selection guide.

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Very high capacity in small size

Up to 100 times that of conventional capacitors. Circuit board space and equipment size can be reduced.

Useful voltage ratings

3.5 and 5.5 volt - Ideal for CMOS operating voltage range.11 volt - LV Series, backup for relays, actuators, small motors.

Full range of sizes

From 0.01 to 5.6 farads @ 5.5 volts; 0.47, 1.0 & 5.0 farads @ 11 volts.

Low profile

With LP, LK & LJ series.

Ultra long life

Unlike batteries, Maxcap® LDCs have no parasitic chemical reactions. They can be fully charged and discharged indefinitely. There is no memory effect.

Maintenance free

Maxcap® DLCs can be placed in remote locations and require no access ports. Warranty claims are minimized.


Assembly errors and costs are minimized.

Wide operating temperature range

-40 to +85°C (-40 to +185°F) LJ & LT Series; -25 to +70°C (-13 to +158°F) LP. LC, LK, LF, LV, LX series.

Simple, low cost circuitry

Since Maxcap® DLCs do not require current limiting resistors or over-voltage protection, component costs and assembly time are reduced.

Safer than batteries

These capacitors will not explode or be damaged if short circuited. They can be installed with wave soldering equipment or surface mount package with IR or vapor phase reflow equipment.