Energy and productivity services

  • With our market-leading engineers we can provide process improvements and energy efficient solutions
  • We'll support you with payback calculations, i.e. from gas to electric conversions
  • We can run a simulation process before your investment to minimize trial costs

By inviting Kanthal Services to your facility or through our remote services we can offer you a process analysis. If this analysis reveals any shortcomings in your equipment, our engineers will provide calculations and recommendations to help you realize its full potential. Whether it's by evaluating a new heating or insulation solution, revamping the control process or simply fine-tuning.

Our services range from simple equipment upgrades, environmental efficiency with conversion from gas to electrical solutions, to entire new installations. From planning to completion.

Case story: Simulated your future needs (PDF document, 1.2 MB)

Case story: Increased energy efficiency for renewable energy (PDF document, 2.2 MB)

Case story: Huge energy savings when converting from gas to electricity