7 jun. 2023 , Feature

Kanthal and the metals research institute Swerim have tested an electric gas heater aimed at several industries, such as large-scale gas heaters for steel and cement. The heater has been tested over a ten-year period in different applications and gas compositions at Swerim and is planned for a commercial launch in 2024.

30 may. 2023 , Feature

Over the next three years, fossil-fuel free electricity is expected to meet 90 percent of additional global electricity demand, according to the International Energy Agency. And concerns about sustainability and climate change are not the only factors driving this trend. Here are six reasons why we can expect the availability of clean energy to keep increasing in the coming years.

3 may. 2023 , Feature

A team from Kanthal is currently in the process of developing a heating solution for thermal energy storage systems, which if successful, could help accelerate the transition from fossil-fuels to clean energy.

26 abr. 2023 , News

Kanthal and Rath, both global leaders in their respective field – Kanthal in industrial electric heating technology, and Rath in high temperature refractory products – today announced a strategic partnership to expand their combined offering in industrial heating technology. Through close collaboration, their offerings will enable industries, such as steel and petrochemical, to make the green shift.

7 mar. 2023 , Feature

Linda Widigsson is one of few female CFOs in the history of Kanthal and for the past months she has been the acting President of the company. She is also on this year’s prestigious mining and steel industry list ”40 over 40”. The achievements are results of a career based on taking on fun and interesting roles.

21 dic. 2022 , Feature

Kanthal GmbH has once again received an award for its sustainable human resources policy in the audit berufundfamilie. The aim of the audit is to consciously shape working life in companies with a focus on the needs of families and the life phases of employees.

28 nov. 2022 , Feature

Los casetes de Kanthal ofrecen una pérdida de calor reducida gracias al aislamiento de los elementos de calentamiento. Esta característica se traduce en un menor consumo de energía en comparación con los diseños tradicionales, sin comprometer en ningún momento la productividad.

1 nov. 2022 , Feature

Creating one environmental mess to solve another makes no sense. So says John Walker, CEO of Tees Valley Lithium, a leader in the quest to remove fossil fuels from battery production at what is planned to be the world’s largest lithium hydroxide refining facility, situated in northeast England.

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