13 Sep 2022 , Feature

For battery makers to offer fossil-free lithium-ion batteries to the electric car industry, every part of the manufacturing must be made climate-neutral, including heating processes. Kanthal Senior Sales Executive Miran Kwon has seen a clear shift in focus among customers toward considering their carbon footprint.

13 Sep 2022 , Feature

When leading furnace manufacturer OneJoon needs a partner to deliver the right electric heating system for its kilns and furnaces, it turns to Kanthal. The two have been collaborating for decades across a broad range of industries. Next up, OneJoon has its sights set on the lithium-ion sector.

13 Sep 2022 , Feature

Kanthal’s Fibrothal® heating modules may have been around since the 1970s, but they have never been more relevant. As the drive to electrify large-scale industrial heating applications continues, Fibrothal® has an important part to play.

13 Sep 2022 , Feature

The lithium-ion battery industry’s climate footprint has come under scrutiny as world demand for fossil-free batteries soars. As legislators and customers alike demand a clean production chain, energy-efficient solutions can make a major difference.

13 Sep 2022 , Feature

Society has entered what is known as the lithium century. The expression, coined by International Lithium Association (ILiA), refers to the potential of lithium to facilitate the transition to a net zero-carbon economy. We asked its founding chairman, Anand Sheth, for his perspective on the opportunities and challenges faced by the lithium industry and how lithium will support the worldwide shift from fossil fuels toward cleaner energy and transportation.

19 Jul 2022 , Feature

As the world continues to grapple with a severe global chip shortage, the pressure on semiconductor manufacturers and their suppliers remains high. For Shimazu Kinzoku, being able to deliver reliable heating solutions to the industry has never been more essential.

22 Jun 2022 , Feature

All that glitters is not necessarily gold – but it might be a recyclable alloy. This rings especially true at Kanthal’s plant in Hallstahammar, where reused scrap metal is successfully being used to reduce the need for raw materials in the production process.

24 May 2022 , Feature

Kanthal’s objective is to be number one in sustainable industrial heating technology – a vision that also encompasses its internal processes. Going forward, around one third of the total power requirement of Kanthal’s plant in Perth, Scotland, will be provided by a new Combined Heat and Power system that will reduce the plant’s energy consumption substantially.

18 May 2022 , Feature

Kanthal® AF Tubes require minimal maintenance, are extremely efficient and deliver excellent power output, especially when combined with Tubothal® heating elements.

6 May 2022 , Feature

Based in Pune, India, Malhotra Engineers makes sintering furnaces for powder metallurgy plants, as well as secondary process furnaces, like steam and heat treatment furnaces. Since the 1990s, the company has exclusively used heating wires supplied by Kanthal, but the relationship between Kanthal and its founder, Ravi P. Malhotra stretches back even further.

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