Resistance heating strip

Resistance heating strip for furnace heating elements and other heat-generating applications. The strip is normally delivered in cold-rolled condition with ground surface.

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Our wide range of resistance heating alloys in strip form makes it possible to select the most appropriate grade and size for each respective application, resulting in optimum end-product performance. The consistent resistivity from delivery to delivery facilitates trouble-free production.

Size range

Thickness: 0.10-4 mm (0.00394-0.157 inch)
Width: 4-200 mm (0.157-7.874 inch)
Other sizes can be delivered on request.

Resistance heating alloys in strip form

Type of alloy Description
Kanthal and Alkrothal FeCrAl alloys* High-resistivity iron-chromium-aluminium alloys for use up to 1400ºC (2550ºF).
Nikrothal NiCr alloys High-resistivity nickel-chromium alloys for use up to 300ºC (570ºF).
Cuprothal CuNi alloys Medium- and low-resistivity copper-nickel alloys for use up to 150ºC (300ºF).

* Kanthal FeCrAl alloys are available as both conventional alloys and powder metallurgical alloys (Kanthal APM).

Resistance tolerance

Standard resistance tolerance for strip is ± 5%, but strip with closer resistance tolerance can be delivered on request.

Delivery forms

Kanthal® resistance heating strip is supplied in coils with an internal diameter of Ø 400 mm or in straightened lengths.


Each coil of strip is supplied with a label or tag showing alloy type, nominal size, tara and net weight, resistance Ω/m (Ω /ft) and charge number