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Flow heater control system

The Kanthal® Flow Heater control system offers a number of features that will help you to run one or several flow heaters with higher operational safety and better user experience. The Kanthal® Flow Heater control system features a patented heating cycle technology that offers longer life

A better alternative to nickel

Related products Get in touch Contact us Stay updated Subscribe Kanthal® APM and Kanthal® APMT FeCrAl alloys Do you have an enquiry or just want to ask a question? Subscribe to our news to get more info like this! Sharp increases in the price of nickel and uncertainty about future

Kanthal joins collaborative research project into the electrification of steel production

By bringing together research institutes and leading companies within the steel industry, the ELROS project aims to find optimal ways of using electric heating in steel production. As one of the project’s participants Kanthal will be contributing with its technological solutions and expertise.

Case hardening

Whereas conventional case hardening causes gradual wear and tear, Kanthal® AF and Kanthal® APM radiant tubes have been proven to stand the test of time. Furthermore, the electrification of the case-hardening process reduces emissions and minimizes energy losses. Case hardening is a

Spike Thermocouple

Spike thermocouples are critical temperature measurement devices used in horizontal and vertical heating elements for precise control over operation. Made from the highest quality material, these thermocouples are manufactured to original equipment specifications. Thermocouple Material: Type R,

Pit furnaces for ingot heating

Whereas pit furnaces have traditionally been heated using open-flame gas- or oil-fired heaters, the ingot heating process stands to benefit substantially from making the switch to electric. So says Krister Wickman, Global Product Manager High Temperature Tubes, Tubothal® and Bayonet

Aluminium slab heating before rolling

Get in touch Contact us Stay updated Subscribe Do you have an enquiry or just want to ask a question? Subscribe to our news to get more info like this! Kanthal® air heating cassettes are designed for maintenance-free operation Norsk Hydro is an industrial company based on the use of

Kanthal launches 60 kW flow heater to meet higher power demands

Kanthal is adding a 60 kW heater to its range of flow heaters to meet demands for higher power in industries like aluminum and glass. The 60 kW Kanthal® Flow Heater is targeted mainly at the aluminum and glass industries, which typically have high power demands and use open flame torches in

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