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Walther-Glas, Germany

Case story: Walther-Glas, Germany The introduction of Superthal heating modules in the forehearths of a German glassware producer has reduced energy consumption ... 000 kWh a month to 38,000 kWh, a reduction of 40%. Download Walther-Glas case story (PDF document, 156 kB) Superthal heating modules saves 40% energy consumption

Energy and productivity services

completion. Case story: Converting from gas to electric slashed energy costs by almost 40% and reduced emissions to zero (PDF document, 224 kB) Case story: Increased ... Increased energy efficiency for renewable energy (PDF document, 2.2 MB) Case story: Huge energy savings when converting from gas to electricity

Gmundener Keramik, Austria

Case story: Gmundener Keramik, Germany An Austrian producer of porcelain, gift items and tableware replaced their direct-heated gas furnaces with Kanthal

Lark Heat Treating, US

Case story: Lark Heat Treating, US A Texas-based heat treatment company replaced their nickel-chromium radiant tubes in one of its two furnaces with Kanthal

Norsk Hydro, Norway

Case story: Norsk Hydro, Norway A large aluminium rolling mill in Norway utilizes Kanthal air heating cassettes for maintenance-free operation. And expectations

Dowa Mining, Japan

Japanese auto parts furnace capacity boosted by 30% Case story: Dowa Mining, Japan The world's first commercial high-temperature continuous carburizing

Tube mill, Sweden

Case story: Furnace rollers made from Kanthal APMT Case story: Furnace rollers made from Kanthal APMT outlast conventional rollers by four times By utilizing

High burner power

Radiant tubes for tougher conditions at the burner leg In some furnaces not ... all parts of a radiant tube is exposed to extreme temperatures. In these cases, an alternative is to use Kanthal APM or Kanthal APMT iron-chromium-aluminium

Technical ceramics

This is obtained by achieving the right level of porosity or, in certain cases, by the addition of magnesium oxide. Kanthal types of technical ceramics ... processing such as cutting or drilling, inert dust may be created. In these cases, workers must be provided with suitable protective equipment to prevent inhalation

Ladle dryers and ladle heaters

diameter 500–2100 mm (20–83 in.), and installation is very simple in most cases. Increased refractory life With optimized curing during the dry out/baking ... pre-heaters comprise the following parts: Heating elements located in a reflector casing Control and regulation equipment Commissioning Technical services provided

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