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Walther-Glas, Germany

Case story: Walther-Glas, Germany The introduction of Superthal heating modules in the forehearths of a German glassware producer has reduced energy consumption ... 000 kWh a month to 38,000 kWh, a reduction of 40%. Download Walther-Glas case story (PDF document, 156 kB) Superthal heating modules saves 40% energy consumption

Gmundener Keramik, Austria

Case story: Gmundener Keramik, Germany An Austrian producer of porcelain, gift items and tableware replaced their direct-heated gas furnaces with Kanthal®

Lark Heat Treating, US

Case story: Lark Heat Treating, US A Texas-based heat treatment company replaced their nickel-chromium radiant tubes in one of its two furnaces with Kanthal®

Dowa Mining, Japan

Japanese auto parts furnace capacity boosted by 30% Case story: Dowa Mining, Japan The world's first commercial high-temperature continuous carburizing

Norsk Hydro, Norway

Case story: Norsk Hydro, Norway A large aluminium rolling mill in Norway utilizes Kanthal® air heating cassettes for maintenance-free operation. And expectations

Tube mill, Sweden

Case story: Furnace rollers made from Kanthal APMT Case story: Furnace rollers made from Kanthal APMT outlast conventional rollers by four times By utilizing