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Powder metallurgy makes furnaces eco-friendly

Kanthal’s powder metallurgical materials, with their unique combination of high oxidation resistance and form stability, boost both productivity ... provides significant energy savings and environmental benefits. In many cases it has also been possible to reduce maintenance needs and boost productivity

Revamped furnace meets fast-growing demand for welding wire

“With the furnace’s new perfor-mance we can meet increasing demand for wire products” With global demand for welding wire and rods at all-time high, Sandvik needed ... Services and our comprehensive offering. Visit kanthal.com/services Download: case_service_s-ka-108-ss-eng_lr.pdf (PDF document, 139 kB)

Open coil heating elements

Open coil heating elements have proven design that exposes the maximum heating element surface area directly to the airflow. We specialize in ... within your reach. It's just a matter of exploring them together. Through real-case simulations and experiments, together with our materials experts, we can

Legal notice

Please read this Legal Notice carefully before using this web site (the "Site"). Material contained on the Site is provided by ... Swedish law for such processing of personal data and you can contact Sandvik in case of incorrect data or other issues related to the personal data. For further

Gearing up to green

“How to jump-start the shift to electric heating in the aluminium industry” A clean, green and low-cost future is on the doorstep in the aluminium ... for more than 70 furnaces in the capacity range of 40–100 tonnes. In all cases, the use of Kanthal glazed elements increased the service life from 3 to

Kanthal APMT Product form: Construction materials


An advanced powder-metallurgical, dispersion-strengthened, ferritic iron-chromium-aluminium alloy (FeCrAl alloy) with an addition of molybdenum. The alloy is suitable for furnace temperatures up to 1250°C (2282°F).

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