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Gearing up to go green

“How to jump-start the shift to electric heating in the aluminium industry” A clean, green and low-cost future is on the doorstep in the aluminium ... for more than 70 furnaces in the capacity range of 40–100 tonnes. In all cases, the use of Kanthal® glazed elements increased the service life from 3 to

Kanthal® APMT Product form: Construction materials


An advanced powder-metallurgical, dispersion-strengthened, ferritic iron-chromium-aluminium alloy (FeCrAl alloy) with an addition of molybdenum. The alloy is suitable for furnace temperatures up to 1250°C (2282°F).

Kanthal APMT - Making high temperature sintering more cost competitive.pdf

forms, although very slowly, which prevents metal-metal sticking. In the case of carburising gases, the alumina forms a very protective barrier towards


Kanthal alloys is less affected by cold-working and heat treatment than is the case for NiCr alloys. Higher yield strength The higher yield strength of Kanthal ... cord is often placed inside coil to prevent the coil from falling down in case of element failure. Recommended alloys Nikrothal® 80 and Nikrothal 60. Kanthal

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