Furnace products and heating systems

Heating elements, gas heating, modules and systems, furnace rollers and high temp construction materials.

Furnace products and heating systems

Heating materials in wire and strip form

Wire, strip and ribbon for the manufacture of heating elements, thermocouples and other high temperature applications.

Wire, strip and ribbon

Additive manufacturing

Customization service for heating elements and high-temperature components with combination of additive manufacturing and Kanthal materials.

Additive manufacturing


Product development, financial services, project management, energy and productivity surveys, maintenance and consultancy.

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Material datasheets

Here you can access material datasheets for our wide range of alloys and materials. Contact us if you need more information about our materials.

Material datasheets

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Product groups

3D-printed heating elements and components.

Cassettes with metallic heating elements for heating of air or gases.

Wire, strip, tube and bar for manufacturing of furnace furniture and other furnace accessories.

Diffusion cassettes for the production of crystalline silicon wafers for solar cells and semiconductors.

Electric heating systems for aluminium and steel production.

Flow heaters with a unique design and electrical heating system.

Extruded tubes made from Kanthal FeCrAl alloys for gas-heated or electrically heated furnaces.

Metallic heating elements, MoSi2 heating elements and SiC heating elements.

Prefabricated heating modules with electric heating elements and fiber or dense ceramic insulation.

Resistance heating wire and strip for manufacturing of electric heating elements.

Resistance heating wire, strip, flat wire (ribbon) for igniters, resistors, diesel preheaters, circuit breakers, fuses and reed switches.

Strip for use in electrical resistance and high-temperature applications.

Ceramic supporting materials for electrothermal components.

Wire, strip, flat wire (ribbon) for thermocouples, thermopiles, extension cables, compensating cables and connectors.

Wire, ribbon and strip for thermocouples, extension leads and compensating cables.

Wire and ribbon for resistance heating, electrical resistance and conductive applications.