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We are experts in industrial electric heating technology and resistance materials, providing products and solutions to a wide range of industries on a global scale. Our extensive investments in R&D and eagerness to collaborate ensure that we remain in the forefront of technological development.

Annealing OvenWe know electric heating technology

Kanthal has provided industry-leading electric heating technology to the world since 1931, when metallurgist Hans von Kantzow founded the company based on his discovery of the FeCrAl (iron-chrome-aluminum) alloy.

The initial FeCrAl alloy has been followed by more groundbreaking resistance material inventions. We were the first company to offer molybdenum discilicide (MoSi2) heating elements, and we also have silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements in our portfolio.

Over the years we’ve built the largest product range of resistance heating solutions for industrial applications on the market. Our ability to develop and melt specific alloys and convert them into wire, strip, tubes and plates allows us to offer heating materials as well as heating elements and complete heating solutions to our customers.

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Wherever you look, you’ll find an application that was made possible by a Kanthal® product. Whether for traditional industries such as glass, ceramics, aluminum and steel, or ESG (environmental, social, governance) industries such as producers of solar cells, semiconductors and lithium-ion batteries, we help secure an efficient and fossil-free heating process.

Rod over bend heating elementsWe create innovative solutions together with customers

Innovation is at the core of Kanthal, and each year we invest 2 percent of our turnover in R&D. As great ideas are often born in collaboration with others, we take part in many projects together with universities, research institutes and customers to find new solutions to challenges that may not even exist yet. This way, we ensure that we remain the No. 1 heating solution provider and that our solutions are aligned with new trends.

Innovation is also about fine-tuning existing operations. We have the whole production chain in-house, from melt to finished product, giving us unique control of the end product in terms of quality and uniformity. During our 90-plus years in operation we’ve been able to perfect our processes.

Sunset over waterWe care about people and our planet

Sustainable business is vital for our future growth and success. Our 2030 Sustainability Goals.

We also make a difference by improving our customers’ sustainability performance. With our help in electrifying their heating processes, our customers can reduce their CO2 emissions while cutting their energy costs.

The opportunity to make real change is a common reason why people like working at Kanthal. Every employee at Kanthal is part of making this transition possible, which is why our people are our most valuable asset. We aim for an inclusive work environment and a diversified workforce, since we know that a mix of views, experiences and backgrounds helps us excel.

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heating element testingWe accelerate electrification for a sustainable future

Climate change is an imminent threat to all of us these days, and many industries are focusing on how to reach the ambitious emission targets set by policy makers around the globe.

Kanthal’s electric heating technology can play a vital role in minimizing industries’ carbon footprint. From experience we know that electricity can replace fossil fuels in all heating processes. Besides reducing CO2 and thermal NOx and SOx emissions, benefits of electric heating include improved efficiency, temperature control and work environment.

Watch: Dilip Chandrasekaran, Head of R&D and Technology, Kanthal, explains the benefits of electric heating.

Our ambition is to continue the path of electric heating technology to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.


Join a welcoming workplace committed to employee learning. At Kanthal we combine robust research and customer care to drive development and work towards green goals such as electrification.

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Kanthal has a long heritage dating back to 1931 when it was founded by engineer Hans von Kantzow. The Kanthal name was derived from Kantzow (Kant) and the Swedish town of Hallstahammar (Hal) where AB Kanthal was started and continues to have its headquarters.

History of Kanthal


Kanthal was first built on the innovative Kanthal® FeCrAl alloy that changed how electric heating could be used. And we have continued on that path for over 90 years, developing new and game-changing materials and solutions for heating and heat treatment. We know heating technology and can truly say that innovation is part of our DNA.

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Kanthal is a global organization comprising two main business units serving a wide variety of applications: Heating Materials and Heating Systems.

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