Getting energy from nature and at work

Joining Kanthal enabled outdoorsman Jason Cappiello to put his expertise to use in supporting the industry’s sustainability shift.

Jason was 500 meters below ground in a Finnish chromium mine when he first encountered Sandvik, which he’d later join as a Global Graduate. As a student of mining engineering, he was all too aware of the industry’s traditionally negative impact on the environment.

Therefore, it was a benefit to Jason when offered the position to learn that Kanthal helps their customers shift away from fossil fueled processes.

Kanthal’s job offer in 2017 to work as Business Development Manager gave him the opportunity to live in Colorado, with easy access to the great outdoors, where Jason loves to go cycling, trekking, and rock climbing.

“Getting back to nature is my way of recharging and clearing my mind,” says Jason, who after four years with the company just took on the role as Global Product Manager for Ceramic Elements and Modules

In addition to his dedication to sustainability, he feels right at home at Kanthal working with knowledgeable and dedicated colleagues, backed up by management that has clear future targets. “I’m part of a small and agile division that’s working daily to help our customers achieve their goals,” Jason says.

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Recently, a mining customer told Kanthal it aims to reduce CO2 emissions by two percent each year leading up to 2025. Together with two of Kanthal’s production units – one in Scotland, one in the US – and with the help of the sales team in North America, Kanthal was able to improve the element design and layout to cut down energy consumption. “A two-percent reduction doesn’t sound like a lot,” Jason says, “but given the customer’s size, the decrease in total emissions is significant.”

“My aim for my new role as Global Product Manager for Ceramic Elements and Modules at Kanthal is clear,” says Jason. “Finding the answers to how can we help more customers achieve their sustainability targets to combat climate change.”

“I love working for Kanthal because I believe that we can truly make a difference,” he adds. “Reduced emissions will hopefully make an impact in the long-term so that we can continue to enjoy the things that give us energy.”

“In my case,” Jason concludes, “being outside in nature.”

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