Optimizing Processes & Products for Electric Heating

Ines Nickel, Process Engineer at the Technology and Innovation department in Walldorf, Germany, is one of the Kanthal employees fronting a market campaign, targeting the lithium-ion industry. Her focus is on optimizing the Fibrothal® product and processes.

What is special about our Fibrothal® that makes it suitable for the lithium-ion industry?

To combat climate change and master the energy and mobility transition, we need powerful lithium-ion batteries. This is where our Fibrothal® comes into play. Fibrothal® is suitable for use at temperatures of up to over 1,300 °C. It has a high thermal shock resistance and is durable and resistant to corrosion. Thanks to its modular design, the furnace lining can be quickly assembled and replaced at low cost. With the help of various processing methods, we can also realize (almost) any shape and size.

In what way can Fibrothal® contribute to the green technology shift?

Reaching high temperatures often goes hand in hand with a high energy input. To make the production of lithium-ion batteries as climate-neutral and energy-saving as possible, we need optimal insulation to minimize energy loss. Because our Fibrothal® has a very low thermal conductivity and heat capacity, energy can be saved. These properties are so pronounced that using these insulations not only saves energy, but also reduces insulation material compared to the use of conventional insulations.

In your role as Process Engineer, how can you contribute to the rapidly growing lithium-ion industry?

We want to make our Fibrothal® more attractive for our customers and for the producers of lithium-ion batteries. This includes customized solutions that are created for the respective application areas and environments. In addition, we are continuously optimizing the processes and products in terms of costs and quality. And this is my playing field.

CaptionInes Nickel, Process Engineer at the Technology and Innovation department in Walldorf, Germany

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