Pursuing a career in Kanthal

Kanir Mehta joined Kanthal in India the beginning of 2022, attracted by an opportunity to work for a strong, well-known brand with world-leading products. His advice to others, who are early in the career as himself, is to seek broad knowledge to be able to explore solutions together with customers.

As Senior Sales Engineer for Heating Systems, Kanir Mehta is responsible for sales in the Maharashtra region – the second-most populous state in India. He has spent 6,5 years in sales after graduating from university with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in marketing. Most recently he comes from a global induction heating company.

“I will use the strengths from my background and broaden my expertise”, Kanir concludes.

The first few weeks have been spent being introduced to the business by senior colleagues. Soon he will start to meet customers.

“Some customers are already familiar to me”, says Kanir who has strived to establish a wide network during the past years.

He is eager to make the customers aware of how they can benefit from the broadest product range of resistance heating solutions for industrial applications on the market. The fact that the Kanthal heating solutions use less electricity is another important factor in his region where energy prices are comparatively high. Sustainability aspects are becoming more and more important to Indian customers.


“I like to meet different people, to share knowledge and use what each of us know to explore solutions together. And of course, I like taking orders. After all, I am in sales”, tells Kanir.

Still early in his career, he is happy about his decision to first join a smaller company before moving on to a larger.

“In my first job, I handled the business from 22 OEMs which meant that I learned many things from outside my domain. I don’t want to restrict my knowledge or area, I want to have a broad approach”, explains Kanir.

One of the things that he found appealing when joining Kanthal was the diversity of the company and the opportunity to go different ways in your future career. In addition to the possibility to grow and develop personally, he had heard about there being a good work culture.

In his spare time, Kanir enjoys learning new things, when not hanging out with family and friends or occasionally going dancing. Acquiring new IT skills is a major interest that he shares with his friends.

“If I am bored, I do programming for fun”.

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