Sales Engineers speak the customer’s language

Due to an ambitious growth target, Kanthal will be strengthening its sales teams in key markets in the coming years. The perfect Sales Engineer has the ability to hold “relevant technical dialogue” with customers.

“In sales you have to be a bit of diplomat because it’s priority number one to take care of people, and that means taking care both of our customers and your colleagues,” says Sales Manager Marcus Andersson.

Marcus himself transferred to sales from Kanthal’s Research&Development department. “That’s why he is such a good example of a knowledgeable, hands-on sales engineer,” says Linda Johansson, head of Human Resources at Kanthal. “In this role, one needs the ability to hold a relevant technical dialogue with the customer and explain what results they’ll get from specific product solutions.”

While having worked specifically with heating products and systems is not a requirement to apply for future sales engineers vacancies, experience from similar industries would be considered a merit during recruitment. Kanthal regularly posts vacancies on its LinkedIn page.

Both Linda and Marcus, who joined Kanthal straight after university 17 years ago, point out that the company has a remarkably low staff turnover. People stay because the workplace is friendly and empowering. “There’s no micro-managing. We know what needs to be done and how you get that job done is up to you,” says Marcus. “In Swedish we call it ‘frihet under ansvar’ – freedom with responsibility.”

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CaptionMarcus Andersson, Sales Manager Heating Material.