Surge in US demand driving our need for operators

Our production unit in Bethel, CT, are on continuous look-out for operators due to intensified demand for Kanthal products in the US. An ideal operator keeps a cool head and has an eye for detail.

“Currently I have been looking for operators for all of 2021,” says Stacey Ambrose, Production Supervisor, who supervises 15 employees across four departments. “A good operator is someone who strives to make a quality product in a timely manner in a fast-paced environment.”

The Heating Materials division of Kanthal manufactures products such as metal wire, strip and ribbon, which are used in consumer electronics, automotive, general Engineering, aerospace and industrial heating and white goods? Keeping up a constant flow over three shifts at the Bethel site enables Kanthal to secure timely deliveries to our customers.

Production Unit Manager John Stowe has never before, during his four decades at Kanthal, seen this level of demand in the North American market.

“Our position is unique as Kanthal is the only supplier within the US that can deliver products from melting to finished goods in the areas of wire, strip and ribbon,” says John. “These the past six months, have shown us the importance and value of Kanthal products to our customers, we simply could not supply enough.”

The thriving market in combination with Kanthal’s aim to grow Heating Materials even further explain the Bethel production unit’s intensified need to recruit operators. “Detailed customer specifications demand a particularly sharp focus on our operating processes, while always keeping quality in mind,” says Stacey.

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