Published 29 Jun 2023

The traditional idea of a hero is someone out to save the world in a cape. But the modern day hero is all around us. Be the hero of your steel manufacturing process by harnessing the power of electric heating technology. 

With every watt of energy efficiently utilized thanks to an electric furnace in your steel making process, you completely eliminate waste heat, reduce energy costs and revolutionize your steel manufacturing. By heating steel with electrictiy, you become a champion of cost-effective operations, surpassing the limitations of gas-fired furnaces. Although the transformative journey requires an initial investment, it rewards you with a lower total cost of ownership in the long run.

Together, let's modernize your steel making process, rewrite the narrative and inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

50% more energy efficient steel

Did you know that the efficiency of a typical oil burner in the combustion process is approximately 40-50 %? Gas burners with recuperators get up to 80%. With electric heating technology the average efficiency gain is 50%, meaning that you nearly have a 100% efficient heating process.