Published 13 Jul 2023

The traditional idea of a hero is someone out to save the world in a cape. But the modern-day hero is all around us. Be the hero of high-quality steel production by harnessing the power of electric heating technology. 

Switching to electric heating processes for your steel production will level up your productivity and enable guaranteed high quality steel manufacturing. Easy maintenance minimizes downtime and costs, and it enables precise temperature control of +/- 1°C, ensuring uniformity and superior material profiles. The end results? A higher success rate for consistent product quality each and every time.

So join us and change the game of your productivity in heating solutions for your steel production.

20% longer lining lifetime

Unlike gas burners, which produce a flame often resulting in uneven heating, electric heating ensures consistency throughout the designated area. This crucial distinction minimizes uneven heating or cooling of the furnace lining, which in turn also minimizes the risk of cracks, defects, and ultimately, shortened lifespans. That is how electric heating has demonstrated remarkable improvements in furnace lining longevity, with potential enhancements of up to 20%.