Published 22 Aug 2023

Discover how the electrification of heating processes can revolutionize your steel production, enhancing efficiency, and transforming the work environment. Sign up to watch our webinar on the cutting-edge solutions available today.

Are you looking to take your steel production to the next level? Learn from Dilip Chandrasekaran, our esteemed Head of Business Development Steel, as he presents the remarkable benefits of electric heating in steel-making processes, shedding light on its many advantages.

Sign up to access the webinar on demand, and learn about the transformative power of electric heating. The webinar covers the following key topics:

  • Unrivaled thermal efficiency, reaching levels exceeding 90 %

  • Hassle- and maintenance-free operations, eliminating downtime and maximizing productivity

  • The reduction, or even elimination, of CO2 emissions across various steelmaking processes

  • The steel industry's transition towards a fossil fuel-free future

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