Published 13 Jul 2023

The traditional idea of a hero is someone out to save the world in a cape. But the modern day hero is all around us. Be the hero of steel industry health and safety by harnessing the power of electric heating technology.

By implementing electric heating technology, you will put an end to a lot of the common hazards and health problems known to the steel industry. Level up your steel manufacturing safety and experience the electrc furnace’s gentle hum, avoiding the risk of harming your team’s hearing, and by omitting exhaust gasses you eliminate the risk of headaches and nausea. Say goodbye to detrimental gasexplosions, and instead, direct the heat exactly where it should be - on the steel - minimizing heat waste.

Join us in revolutionizing, not only production health and safety, but also the steel industry at large with cutting-edge heating technology.

Halving the noise level

Compare an electric heating solution to a gas burner and you’ll find it to be completely silent. In an open working environment, heating ladles transmit sound out into space via the gas burners. With an electric solution, no such transmission exists, and only surrounding sounds are heard, lowering the sound level from 100 dB to 85dB. Sound is measured in a logarithmic scale. An increase of 10 dB equals a doubled sound level. In other words, going electric lowers the sound level by more than 50%.