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Published 9 Apr 2021

By electrifying their heating processes, production companies can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and save on energy costs. Kanthal can not only provide a broad range of electric heating solutions to make this possible but can also support its customers globally through the transition.

Kanthal’s biggest asset is its extensive experience and expertise within industrial electrical heating. Ever since 1931, when Kanthal first invented a pioneering resistance heating alloy, it has continued to lead the way in heating technology. Its electric heating technology has been used in all industries with heating processes, and today Kanthal has the broadest product range for electrifying all the highly energy-intensive heating processes.

“Companies all over the world are pursuing carbon neutrality, but it can’t be achieved while they’re still burning fossil fuels in their production,” says Daniel Burton, Business Development Manager and electrification expert with Kanthal. “Electrification may seem like a newfangled trend to some, but Kanthal has had these proven products and solutions in the field for decades.

Anticipating future trends

One of Kanthal’s biggest strengths is its extensive investment in R&D and eagerness to collaborate, which ensures it remains at the forefront of technological development. Its teams are continuously looking ahead and trying to anticipate future trends, and the company is open to working with either customers or institutions to explore new opportunities.

When a new technological trend emerges, we’re prepared with proven technology and in-house knowledge.

“This means we’re often working with solutions and technologies that do not even exist yet, such as carbon-neutral steel,” says Dilip Chandrasekaran, Head of R&D and Technology, Kanthal.As a result, when a new technological trend emerges, we’re prepared with proven technology and in-house knowledge.”

A trustworthy partner

This puts Kanthal in a unique position where it can be not only a supplier of heating equipment, but also a partner that can assist and support producers in a variety of industries through the transition to electrification. As the only truly global heating technology provider, it can provide technical support across the world, from R&D and testing facilities to teams of local engineers.

Kanthal is continuously working together with its customers to find the right solutions for their specific needs. From the initial design and development right through to the final delivery and continued operation, they are able to support steel producers with tailor-made solutions.