Categories: Steel , Sustainability , Electrification
Published 13 Jul 2023

What is the sentiment on electric heating among industry representatives? Could a transition from gas to electric heating have a positive impact on industrys carbon footprint? We spoke to visitors at the Green Steel World and Thermprocess events in 2023 to learn their views on electrification of heating processes.

Dennis Bird, Riedhammer GmbH

CaptionDennis Bird, Riedhammer GmbH“I’m sure electric heating will have a positive impact on the industry, especially with more and more renewable energy coming – power that’s been generated from solar, wind and so on. We can use this electricity for heating instead of natural resources such as gas that have to be brought in to be consumed. There’s great potential.”

Dennis Bird's top arguments for going electric:

  • Temperature control
  • Process control
  • Improved energy efficiency

Eva Spickenheuer, Energy Saxony

The best way is to use electricity directly instead of going through hydrogen.

CaptionEva Spickenheuer, Energy Saxony“I work for steel companies and they use a lot of natural gas for heating processes, so they have to decarbonize. The best way is to use electricity directly instead of going through hydrogen, because of the limited energy loss.

“[The companies I work for] are going through the processes of the whole production line, trying to find the best solution. The first choice is always electricity, and only if they cannot use electricity do they want to move to hydrogen. So, it’s very good to know what limits there are and what possibilities they have.”

Moyal David, Urdan Metal & Casting Industries Ltd.

CaptionMoyal David, Urdan Metal & Casting Industries Ltd.“We have been using electric resistant heating, particularly with material from Kanthal, for 40 years and we have had a good experience. We get better homogenization of the furnace temperature and it’s easy to maintain. That’s why we chose it.

“Based on my experience, electrical heating doesn’t damage or influence the product inside the furnace. There is no problem with the environment, like when you work with gas.”

David Moyal's top arguments for electric heating:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Homogeneous furnace temperatures 
  • Better results

Stephanie Corre, Industeel – AMDS –ArcelorMittal

CaptionStephanie Corre, Industeel - AMDS - Arcelor Mittal“For different steps in the steel-making process we need to find alternatives to natural gas combustion, especially to reduce the impact from greenhouse gas emissions. For my business and from my perspective, concerning the furnaces for preheating of the semi product before rolling and forging, and then for the heat treatment, electrification could definitely be the key.”

Stephanie Corre's top argument for electric heating:

  • Reducing emissions of CO2 equivalents