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Published 31 Aug 2021

Where would the world be today without electric heating technology? To celebrate its 90-year anniversary, Swedish heating technology provider Kanthal has produced a documentary short film that puts the spotlight on how electric resistance materials and heating solutions have helped shape modern society.

Home appliances such as electric stoves and toasters depend on resistance material to function. The same materials, in the form of advanced industrial heating solutions, have enabled manufacturing of products like photovoltaic cells, semiconductors and lithium-ion batteries. The six-minute-long mini-doc traces the industrial development of these materials back to 1931, when Kanthal was born. It shows that numerous things we take for granted have been touched by electric heating technology.

In many ways, the development of electric heating technology and modern society goes hand in hand

CaptionAnders Björklund, President of Kanthal.“In many ways, the development of electric heating technology and modern society goes hand in hand,” says Anders Björklund, President of Kanthal. “Looking back, we feel proud that our products and solutions have been part of shaping the industry and the society as we know it today.”

Kanthal was first built on the innovative iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) alloy, also named Kanthal®, that changed how electric heating could be used. The company has continued to invest extensively in R&D and innovation developing new and game-changing materials and solutions for heating and heat treatment.

Meanwhile, climate change is forcing traditional industries such as steel, aluminum, cement and petrochemicals to electrify their processes to minimize CO2 emissions.

“We are now in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, and there is no doubt that the future will see a need for electric heating processes in many fields,” Björklund says. “As in the past, electric heating will continue to be a central part of improving the lives of people all around the world.”

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