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Published 9 Jun 2020

Kanthal will replace the motor and drive line in its blooming mill in Hallstahammar, Sweden, an investment of 50 MSEK. The new system will be up and running by mid-2021.

CaptionRolling in the blooming mill, an integrated part of the steel supply in Kanthal.

The steel mill in Hallstahammar supplies Kanthal’s production units globally with steel and is therefore a critical asset for the company’s production chain. The blooming mill is an integrated part of the system as nearly all volume from the melt shop passes through it.

The investment includes a motor, combined gearbox, couplings, drive shafts and peripheral equipment such as media and electrical control system. The parts will be delivered by ABB, CMD Gears and ENERCO, and ABB will also do the installation.

CaptionAnders Björklund, President, Kanthal“The existing DC motor and drive-line have served us well for almost 70 years but now it’s time to replace it. It’s a large investment that is totally essential from a business point of view”, says Anders Björklund, President, Kanthal.

By replacing the existing DC-motor with a modern, standard motor, Kanthal equip for maintained supply of high-quality material with eliminated risk of break-down.

Installation will take place during a six-week period in the summer of 2021. Until then, the maintenance team will closely monitor the existing system.

For further information, contact Patrik Johansson, Marketing Communications, Kanthal, e-mail: or tel: +46 70 616 27 26.