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Where are the woman?

The steel industry has always been male dominant, and a hundred, or even fifty years back, it probably made sense, as the job was heavy and fewer women worked outside home. Today, very few positions require muscle power and gender equality is gaining ground every day. The steel industry is still male dominant, however. Why?

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Rewiring fashion for the future

Stockholm-based fashion designer Naim Josefi incorporates metal wire in his collections to promote a more sustainable fashion industry.

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Beyond the boundaries in high temperature component design

Great minds think alike, it’s been said, and the recent collaborative project between AGA and Kanthal demonstrates this truth. Thinking outside the box and finding new geometries are some of the results of their joint move into additive manufacturing with heat resistant material.

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Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing opens a world of possibilities

When young technology meets established knowledge, the path to innovation is opened. Kanthal President Nicklas Nilsson and Head of R&D and Technologies Dilip Chandrasekaran see endless possibilities as well as great customer value with the new customization service, Kanthal® Additive Manufacturing.

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Electric heat treatment cut emissions by 50%

Replacing fossil fuels with electricity for heating and heat treatment would improve the steel industry’s environmental footprint. According to the Swedish Steel Producers’ Association, converting to electric power for these types of processes could cut their CO2 emissions in half.

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New radiant tubes increase productivity and cut costs

A unique type of radiant furnace tube has entered the market. Kanthal® AF Tubes outperform common NiCr tubes, and they are economical as well.

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