22 Apr 2018 , Feature

By converting biomass waste materials, a custo­mer in the US produces hydrogen to convert to synthetic fuels, electricity and heat. A multizone muffle tube furnace is used to initiate and sustain the biomass pyrolysis.

22 Apr 2018 , Feature

As the world’s urban areas continue to expand, an increasing number of industrial plants are being converted into construction sites for housing projects. However, many of these sites are unfit for residential use due to contamination, requiring major remediation of the soil and groundwater. This is a time-consuming and costly process, but thanks to a collaboration between Kanthal and GB Eco Solutions of Brazil, it can now be done faster and more efficiently than ever before.

19 Apr 2018 , Feature
18 Apr 2018 , Feature

Norsk Hydro is an industrial company based on the use of natural resources, producing energy, materials and food products. The company’s aluminum activities, organized into four divisions, are fully integrated – from raw materials through primary metal production to fabrication, to end products manufactured for complex aluminum applications.

20 Feb 2018 , Feature

Sometimes it is difficult to predict the future. You make an investment and somehow the result does not work out as originally planned. With computer simulation you can test and evaluate different technical solutions without an investment before starting up the project.

6 Feb 2018 , Feature

A Norwegian customer within the agricul­tural industry offers an extensive package to the professional farming community. Quenching techniques and material properties are the main core competencies within
the customer’s operations.

6 Feb 2018 , Feature

With global demand for welding wire and rods at all-time high, Sandvik needed to ramp up production to keep pace with a rapidly growing customer base. Kanthal was engaged to refurbish a batch furnace and the result transformed output – unlocking a 50 percent increase in productivity and capacity for welding materials.

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