20 May 2020 , Feature
28 Apr 2020 , Feature

The French company Snecma Moteurs is part of the Snecma aerospace propulsion and equipment group, which specializes, among other things, in the manufacture of engines for civil and military aircraft, rocket engines, turbines, and aeronautical equipment such as landing gear, braking systems, reverse thrusters, engine components, and much more besides.

28 Apr 2020 , Feature

The use of Kanthal® APMT and Kanthal® APM for radiant tubes in SSAB’s annealing furnace has pro-longed tube life and allowed for fewer furnace shutdowns, as well as the possibility to increase throughput by increasing tube temperature.

27 Apr 2020 , Feature

Walther-Glas in Germany is one of many companies utilizing SuperthalTM Flat panels in their forehearths and they have also followed up the results in a systematic way. Walther-Glas GmbH in Bad Driburg produces mainly domestic and all-purpose glassware by the pressing method for the gift sector, as well as pressed glass articles for the car industry.

27 Apr 2020 , Feature

Hughes Christensen Company is internationally recog­nized as one of the worlds leading manufacturers of rock cutting drill bits. The plant in Belfast, Northern Ireland, specializes in the construction and development of roller cone bits.

27 Apr 2020 , Feature

Gearbox del Prat, situated in Barcelona, Spain is the central manufacturing unit of gearboxes to Seat, with a daily production of some 3000 gearboxes.

24 Apr 2020 , Feature

Uponor AB situated in the middle of Sweden, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic pipes and plastic coated steel pipes for the building industry. The company has some 450 employees and is marketing their products in more than 30 countries.

23 Apr 2020 , Feature

STG, Svensk Tryckgjutning AB, located in southern Sweden, specializes in die-casting products in aluminum and zinc for customers in the automotive, electronics, engineering, transport and construction industries.

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