19 Oct 2017 , Press release

Kanthal®, part of Sandvik Group specializing in heating technology products and solutions, has expanded its portfolio of furnace rollers to include nickel chromium (NiCr) rollers used in low temperature furnace zones. Customers can now achieve cost savings by using Kanthal as a ‘one stop shop’.

5 Oct 2017 , Press release

Germany-based Sunfire GmbH was appointed winner by the jury at the Kanthal Award ceremony that took place in Stockholm, Sweden on October 4.

29 Aug 2017 , News

Kanthal’s powder metallurgical materials, with their unique combination of high oxidation resistance and form stability, boost both productivity and energy savings. They also reduce maintenance needs for those customers with demanding high-temperature manufacturing processes.

15 Aug 2017 , Press release

Prize of €5,000 to be awarded in Stockholm on October 4 as three companies pitch innovations in heating technology.

29 Jun 2017 , News

The range of Kanthal electric ladle heaters has been packaged under a new complete offer. Along with ladle heater, control system and lifting equipment, the offer provides customers with thermal modelling, consultancy and installation.

19 Jun 2017 , News

Heating specialist Kanthal®, Part of Sandvik Group, has launched a clean, green and powerful heating solution for modern-day test benches in the aerospace testing industry. The electric system heats components to 1100 °C (2012 °F) with zero emissions.

16 Jun 2017 , News

June 20, Stuttgart: Heating specialist Kanthal® has launched a clean, green and powerful heating solution for modern-day test benches in the automotive testing industry.

28 Apr 2017 , News

The development of materials that can cope with extreme temperatures led to the award of the “Wilhelm Haglund Medal to the Product Developer of the Year” in 2017 to Roger Berglund, Bo Jönsson, Thomas Lewin and Krister Wickman from business area Sandvik Materials Technology. The medal was presented in conjunction with Sandvik’s 2017 Annual General Meeting.

27 Apr 2017 , News

Kanthal® Award is back for its third year, with the aim to shine a light on innovative solutions in sustainability, quality of life and the field of energy efficiency that makes a difference for the future. And we think it could be you!

9 Mar 2017 , News

Rotary International recently received a check for $5,500.00 as a result of Proton Power Inc winning the 2016 Kanthal® Award. Proton Power won the award for their innovative technology, ideal for green and clean energy applications for current and future generations.

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