Kanthal® alloys vs. Nikrothal® alloys

For the furnace user, using Kanthal® iron-chromium-aluminium (FeCrAl) alloys instead of nickel-chromium (NiCr) alloys results in less amount of material and also a longer element life, which mean considerable cost savings.

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The table below shows an example of a 33% weight saving obtained by using a Kanthal® alloy instead of a Nikrothal® alloy. This lower element weight results in considerable cost savings, not only regarding element material but also support systems, because fewer suspension hooks are necessary.

Nikrothal® alloy Kanthal® alloy
Furnace temperature °C (°F) 1000 (1832) 1000 (1832)
Element temperature °C (°F) 1068 (1954) 1106 (2022)
Hot resistance (Rw) 3.61 3.61
Temperature factor (Ct) 1.05 1.06
Cold resistance (R20) 3.44 3.41
Wire diameter mm (inch) 5.5 (0.216) 5.5 (0.216)
Surface load (W/cm2) 3.09 3.98
Wire length m (inch) 3 elements 224.9 (8.82) 174.6 (6.85)
Wire weight kg elements 44.4 29.6

44.4-29.6/44.4 = 33% weight saving (based on the same wire diameter)