Superthal® HT heating modules

For high furnace temperatures up to 1675°C (3045°F). Superthal® HT modules, for vertical operation, are available in standard sizes or as specially designed heating packages.


By using a newly developed special Kanthal® Super molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating element material, the maximum temperature is now increased to 1725°C (3140°F) for Superthal® HT, enabling up to 1675°C (3050°F) furnace temperature.

Superthal® HT heating modules can be operated vertically and are available in standard sizes or as specially designed heating packages with heating modules, back insulation and stainless steel casing.

The modules are mainly used together in rows or sets in special tubular furnaces or other heating systems. Each module can be individually controlled to ensure a uniform temperature profile and fast and accurate ramping. Kanthal® can assist in designing and building special heating systems on request.

On request, Kanthal® can assist in calculating and manufacturing complete heating packages.



The extra high temperature is achieved by using a new Kanthal® Super type of element material, combined with special supporting hooks and high grade ceramic fiber. The electric contacts are attached on the module and ready to be connected.

Vertical use only
Data at element temperature 1700°C (3090°F)
Surface loading 14.2 W/cm2
(92 W/in2)
Current 90–95 A
Element length 150 mm (5.9 in)
Overall length 200 mm (7.9 in)
* Free inner diameter inside element

Type Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Resistance (Ω) Voltage (V) Power (W)
Superthal® SHC100 HT 55 mm 2.2 in 300 mm 11.8 in 0.25 23 2130
Superthal® SHC150 HT 105 mm 4.1 in 350 mm 13.8 in 0.38 35 3250
Superthal® SHC200 HT 155 mm 6.1 in 400 mm 15.7 in 0.51 47.2 4400
Superthal® SHC250 HT 205 mm 8.1 in 450 mm 17.7 in 0.64  59.3 5500
Superthal® SHC300 HT 255 mm 10 500 19.7 in 0.77 71.4 6600