Genuine KANTHAL® campaign - Stopping fake products in their tracks

This message shows that you have bought a genuine KANTHAL® product.

18219-015B.jpgKANTHAL is a world leading provider of heating technology products and services with high ambitions and goals for sustainable development. Our high value-added products and services are aimed at helping customers fulfill and exceed productivity and performance expectations.

This is our brand promise along with making sure that the products you receive are of genuine KANTHAL origin. We never compromise on quality and safety and neither should you.

By continuously raising awareness among customers and authorized distributors, KANTHAL aims to increase knowledge about the risks involved and the potential consequences of using counterfeit KANTHAL® products.

Providing customers with useful tips, tools and guidelines is one aspect of our brand protection work. In addition, we assist Customs and law enforcement authorities in acting against the illegal counterfeit trade and take legal action against sellers of counterfeit products. Successful raids and closure of businesses has already dealt a blow to the counterfeit trade. But more needs to be done.

We realize that no one wants to use fake products in their heating devices or furnaces and put business and people at risk. However, more people are being fooled into buying fake products which is why we are stepping up these prevention measures.

The easiest way to verify your KANTHAL® products is to use the Authentic Vision app, available for free at Apple App Store and Google Play. The best way of safeguarding authenticity is to only buy KANTHAL® products from KANTHAL or our authorized distributors. Find your local distributor here.

Note: This campaign is being rolled out in pilot markets and if in doubt, you can check with your nearest KANTHAL representative.

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