The future of heating technology is electric

Dilip Chandrasekaran, Head of Business Development Steel, Kanthal, explains the benefits of electric heating.

Electric heating will help industries reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Dilip Chandrasekaran, Business Development Manager at Kanthal, explains the benefits of converting from gas to electricity.

Chandrasekaran sees the move from gas to electric for heating and heat treatment purposes as a general trend within many industries.

“Industry is a very large CO2 emitter and wants to reduce its footprint,” he says. “When you burn something that contains carbon, you get carbon dioxide that you either need to take care of or release into the atmosphere. With electric heating, you don’t have any exhaust. If the electric power itself is produced in a clean and renewable way, it is a very clean way of heating something.”

He says all industrial processing needs today can be met with electric heating, which can offer improved heating efficiency and precise temperature control. When powered by renewable energy, it can also make production or heat treatment fossil-free.

“There is an opportunity to solve many of the challenges we face today with electric heating,” he says.