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LPCVD: Precision Engineering for Advanced Semiconductor Devices

Diffusion cassettes for LPCVD processes Widely embraced in the semiconductor industry, LPCVD finds applications in depositing materials like silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, and polysilicon. Its controlled nature and ability to achieve precise thickness and uniformity make LPCVD a cornerstone

How Atmospheric Processes Shape High-Performance Semiconductor Devices

Diffusion cassettes for atmospheric processes Semiconductor manufacturing process, semiconductor equipment manufacturer, controlled diffusion dopants, annealing heat treatment process, high-performance semiconductor devices Atmospheric processes in semiconductor manufacturing shape

Cuprothal® 49

Cuprothal® 49 ist eine austenitische Kupfer-Nickel-Legierung (CuNi-Legierung) zur Verwendung von Temperaturen bis zu 600 °C. Die Legierung zeichnet sich durch hohen elektrischen Widerstand, hohe Dehnbarkeit und hohe Korrosionsbeständigkeit aus. Typische Anwendungsgebiete:

Horizontal and vertical diffusion cassettes

diffusion cassettes, silicon wafer, vertical diffusion cassettes, semiconductor crystalline wafer, semiconductor crystalline wafer orientation, horizontal diffusion cassette, crystalline wafer Semiconductor furnaces use "horizontal" or "vertical" orientation based on wafer size,

Heavy gauge diffusion cassettes

diffusion cassettes, silicon wafer, heavy gauge diffusion cassettes, insulation, crystalline wafer Heavy gauge cassettes featuring larger gauge resistance wire hot-formed into cylindrical shapes offer consistent and reliable heating with varying zones for applications up to 1,300°C

Light gauge diffusion cassettes

diffusion cassettes, silicon wafer, light gauge diffusion cassettes, sinusoidal pattern, ceramic clamps Light gauge cassettes, with thin wire sinusoidal patterns, are essential for precise diffusion in semiconductor manufacturing, ideal for low-temperature processes and rapid thermal changes.

Fibrothal® diffusion cassettes

Fibrothal® diffusion cassettes Diffusion cassettes, silicon wafer, semiconductor wafer, crystaline silicon wafer, semiconductor manufacturing Diffusion cassettes securely hold wafers during semiconductor manufacturing, facilitating precise dopant introduction and temperature/time control.

Ceba and Kanthal in strategic partnership for the green shift – focus on electric ladle and tundish preheaters

Industrial heating technology, ladle preheating, tundish preheating, green technology shift CEBA AND KANTHAL IN STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP FOR THE GREEN SHIFT – FOCUS ON ELECTRIC LADLE AND TUNDISH PREHEATERS A new strategic partnership between Kanthal, a global leader in industrial heating

Tundish preheating

Electric solutions have never been more in demand – and word of their growing popularity has reached the metallurgy sector. When it comes to tundish preheating, electric heating solutions improve sustainability and energy efficiency, while minimizing material losses and interruptions. In this

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